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Men of S.W.A.T.: Loving Ranger, Book 4

Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella ~ ISBN: 9781609281861

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Fourteen years of friendship, it all comes down to this…

Sissy Kolchek is a smart-mouthed waitress with a southern accent that’s thicker than honey and a life that isn’t nearly as exciting as some people think. As the daughter of the town tramp (?), she’s cynical about men, relationships and anything marked ‘one size fits all’. Beneath her wisecracks is a woman who secretly longs for a family and a place where she belongs.
Jason ‘Ranger’ Diver is an undercover cop who has seen the dark side of love and wants nothing to do with it. With his chaotic lifestyle, he hasn’t the time nor the inclination to become involved with only one woman especially not his friend, Sissy. He’d fantasized about since high school and when they kissed, she’d rocked his world. Jace is captivated by the woman she’s become and as their relationship grows he finds himself torn the biggest case of his career and the love of a good woman. 
Warning: Copious amounts of hot lovin’, random bad guys wrecking havoc, a goat named Casper, more sexy cops than you can shake your nightstick at and the deliberate destruction of the English language.


Men of S.W.A.T.: Kissing Cowboy, Book 3

Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella ~ ISBN: 978-1-60504-907-6

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Their first kiss melted her resistance, their second one melted his heart.

She’s a woman with a plan…

From childhood, Payton ‘Pip’ Whittier has loved Jeff ‘Cowboy’ Diver. Even after he publicly humiliated her and forced her to leave town, he’s the one man she can’t erase from her heart.

Nine years have passed and Pip has returned to the scene of the crime, her hometown of Haven, Ohio. This time, she’s determined to rid her system of Cowboy, once and for all. He’s a man determined to thwart her every move…

When Cowboy sees Pip at the local bar, he’s floored by the changes in his one-time best friend. The shy, sweet girl has been replaced with a sexy-as-hell woman in red stilettos. Years ago they’d shared a tender moment, one that changed irrevocably their lives.

This is his one chance to convince her to give him one more—even if it means his heart could be crushed under her lethal high heels.

Warning: This book contains the lethal misuse of a pool cue, shenanigans of a sexual nature in the back of a pickup truck, a good girl gone bad and a hero who packs some serious heat—hoo-AH!

Men of S.W.A.T.: Tactical Maneuver, Book 2

Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella ~ ISBN: 9781419902055

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Office efficiency expert Emma Taylor is just days away from leaving her temporary job in Haven, Ohio, to return to her staid, lonely, safe life in Columbus. Knowing the possibilities of returning to this sleepy burg are slim to none, she toys with the idea of luring the town bad boy into her bed for a week of wild, uninhibited sex. According to the local rumor, Jay Barnes is a dynamo in bed. Maybe he’s the man to show her just what the “big O” is all about and release her inner wild woman while he’s at it.

Decorated SWAT Officer Jay takes one look at the curvy Emma and knows he wants her in his bed. A sizzling weekend locked away in her apartment uncovers the woman of his wildest dreams—literally, and he soon realizes that letting her go is the last thing he wants to do.

But while he’s thinking “forever”, she’s thinking “forget it”. Help with overcoming her trepidations about his profession and convincing Emma that he’s ready to change his bad boy ways comes from a most unusual quarter.

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eBook only

Men of S.W.A.T.: Tactical Pleasure, Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella ~ ISBN: 9781419901461

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Police Officer and S.W.A.T. team sniper John Stephens has the hots for the luscious Miranda White. She’s sexy and curvy in all the right places, and John has heated fantasies of tearing her polyester waitress uniform from her lush body and showing her what handcuffs were really meant for.

Though Randa has long had a secret crush on the handsome police officer, it was too bad that he was a serial dater. As a respected business owner, she has no plans on becoming known around town as Stephens’ Flavor Of The Month. Her plans change when, after a quick tumble in her pool with John, she realizes that denying her attraction to him is the last thing she can do.

Being with Johnny was a pleasure no woman should be denied…



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